Version 2.1.6

In this update made some performance improvements, added a handy button for connecting to the fastest server and squashed a few bugs.

Here's what's new: 

UI ripples were removed due to performance issues on some devices.
Fastest connection button has been added to the top of the regions list.
Fixed an issue with connect on boot where it would auto connect to a server every time you launched the app. It only connects on system start up now.
Fixed an issue with the client starting up (Windows)

Version 2.1.5

In this update we've squashed a few bugs, added some new paint and made a lot of performance improvements.

Here's what's new: 

DNS is set back to auto on quit
New logo and colors
Improved animation performance (Windows)
Bug Fixes
Quicker connection time

Version 2.1.4 Full Release

We're excited to announce the official release of Forcefield for macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Here's what's new: 

Faster connect times
New popup modals
Redesigned settings menu.
Tor connection is more stable
Startup script bug fixed (Windows)
Killswitch is more effective and more reliable (Windows)
Increased size of draggable area (Windows)
Fixed a DNS leak caused by certain wireless adapters (Windows)
button spinner was added
New loading screen
New update screen
General bug fixes and improvements

a. Fixed a bug with the connect on boot function
b. Optimized DNS settings.

Version 2.1.3 Beta

As we push forward with our full release of Forcefield we wanted to update our Beta users one last time.

Here's what's new: 

Decimal place added to gigabytes
Denmark region has been added
Mission abort issues
Spam connect button issue
System tray button was taking too long to close (Windows)
Map pings updated for new regions

Version 2.1.2 Beta

Fixed Windows login modal animation bug
Fixed button spamming UI issue
Client now shows loading page when updating
Fixed client random logout issue

Version 2.1.1 Beta

Here's what's new: 

You can now connect to the Tor network through Forcefield on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS (release soon) Android (release soon) and Flter. All requests are routed through our VPN to keep you protected.
Fixed reconnect UI issue
Launch on startup fixed
Kill Switch added
Added custom DMG screen (Mac)
Killable from activity monitor (Mac)
Reconnect ability greatly improved
Fixed issues with data transferred numbers
Fixed animation issues
New icons
Shows up in system tray (Windows)
32-bit support (Windows)
Linux support
DNS leaks fixed
IPv6 leaks fixed
10 new locations added (We're not done yet!)
Mac client now has a software signature (Windows will have this in the next release, as soon as we receive our organization certificate)
General bug fixes

Forcefield has a new website at where you can add two-factor authentication to your account and your Flter device, download OpenVPN credentials and configure L2TP/IPsec connections. 

We're committed to providing the best VPN service and security tools.

Thank you for your continued support!

Version 2.0.6 Beta

Today we’re excited to announce the beta for version 2.0 of our desktop VPN client. We’ve improved a lot from version 1 and added some great features for you to check out. Please visit our forum for more information. 

Download Forcefield:


Windows (64) (32)

Linux (64) (32)

What’s new:

We’ve changed the name of our VPN service to Forcefield
Completely redesigned the UI from the ground up for better user experience
Increased performance on both client and server side
Faster DNS
Automatic reconnect
Launch on system startup / connect on launch
Kill switch
Dedicated servers added in San Fransisco, Ireland and Brazil
New regions added in Switzerland, Hong Kong, Spain, Italy
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